Full Automatic Welding Machine for plane mask strap
Full Automatic Welding Machine for plane mask strap

Full Automatic Welding Machine for plane mask strap

Product Description

Product description: 
The device uses ultrasonic welding to fuse the elastic band to the outside of the mask body, which is the last process of the outer ear mask production. Only one operator is required to place the mask body in the mask plate one by one, and the subsequent actions until the product is completed . This machine adopts servo drive, stepping motor rotation, precise transmission and adjustable speed. Automatic feeding of raw material rolls, wire insertion, cutting, ultrasonic fusion, automatic cutting of the cover, belt feeding and welding are all completed automatically. It can be customized according to requirements. The 2-4 layer cover (without edge sealing) has stable performance, simple operation, beautiful appearance, high quality and good price, which meets the production quality requirements of medical cover. 

Machine features:

1.Small floor area, aluminum alloy structure, beautiful solid without rust
2.Computer PLC control, servo/step drive, high degree of automation, high stability, low failure rate;
3.Photoelectric testing raw materials, avoid mistakes, reduce waste;
4.Photoelectric detection, automatic counting function (including total count and batch count)


NameMachine parameters
Overall sizeL2300*W1000*H1800(mm)
Electronic Control BrandHechuan servo, sichuan Ming reducer, schneider electric control
 Voltage220V t 50/60HZ. 1P
Atmospheric pressure0.6-0.8
Drive methodServo motor and stepper motor
Control panel HMI, touch screen
Applicable materialspp non-woven, Composite fiber
Production capacity 0-40p/min Related to manual operation speed
Ultrasonic power20K2000W
Finished product pass rate99%(In addition to raw materials and manual operations)