XK-KZ Mask pad cutting machine
XK-KZ Mask pad cutting machine

XK-KZ Mask pad cutting machine

Product Description

Product description: 
1.Non-woven 3 ply ear loop welding medical disposable face mask making machine is Face mask machine also known as face mask production line, dusk mask machine,disposable face mask making machine. 
2.It is automatic output, a mask body has the ear belt machine automatic acquisition, reduce the manpower cost, reduce the disturbance not possible. 
3.The ear belt machine work without waiting, adaptive interactive processing system, a comprehensive upgrade capacity. 
4.he built-in anti deformation, anti displacement device, to ensure stable and reliable, all-weather 100% qualified input. 
5.The preset type quantitative integration output, stacked neatly, never fragmented, sanitation and reliability.

Feature of Full Automatic Disposable Surgical Medical Face Mask Making Machine:
Smooth operation, manual,automatic control,little vibration,low noise,Machine transport,hoisting and installing are very convenient


Machine dimension1900*1000*1590
Total power of equipment3.5KW
Ultrasonic power20kw
Equipment weight450KGS