Arrow Type Packing Bag
Arrow Type Packing Bag

Arrow Type Packing Bag

Product Description

Yogurt packing bag, beverage stick packing bag, cola packing bag, water packing bag, special-shaped bag, fruit shape bag, jelly packing bag, milk packing bag, which can pack milk, water,beverage, dairy drink, cola, yogurt, jelly, tofu and semi-liquid products.  

1. The material used is  composite PE, BOPP thickness were 15 to 18 microns, 60 micrometers, compound 75-80 microns thick.
2. BOPP is printed in the design, not in contact with food, the ink used no benzene, compound national requirements, the layer of PE  contact with food.
3. Good drawing, show the elegant printing design.

4. All shapes and sizes available,such as cartoon animals,fruit and so on,popular for chindren
5. Pressure filling,can bear 1kg inner pressure,much better for regular filling
6. After filling can second sterilization or 85 C hot filling
7. Widely popular use on yoghourt,juice and so on.
8. Low packing cost,filling machine cheap,suitable for minitype investment