KYB-3000Automatic Encrusting machine
KYB-3000Automatic Encrusting machine

KYB-3000Automatic Encrusting machine

Product Description

Apply to cakes, pie filling and other types of packets of food production.

Main functions:

1, with automatic settings skin, the weight of stuffing, multi-parameter memory function, many advantages of higher degree of automation.

2, a separate allocation of food-specific filling machine, filling can be made in filling all types of cakes and other pastries.

Main technical parameters: 

Model: KYB-3000

Production: 10~60pec/minute

Weight range: 15-200g/pec

Paper filling ratio 2:8~5:5

Power: 4.5kw

Machine Weight: 650kg

Dimensions: 1200*860*1400mm 

KYC-3000Moon cake stamping machines

Main technical parameters

Model KYC-3000

Production 10~60 pec/minute

Power 1.3kw

Machine Weight 220kg

User-owned steam source 0.7mpa.0.2 m³ /minute

Weight range 15-200 g/pec

Dimensions 1500*720*1160 mm


KYP-640Automatic scheduling disk drive

Main functions

It can be a variety of foods in the baking tray in auto emissions. According to user needs, freedom to change parameters (number of rows, rows)

Model: KYP-640

Production 10~60 pec/minute

Production range: 45-70mm

Pan size 400*600mm

Work efficiency: 20-60 pec/minute

Power: 2.85kw

Machine Weight: 590kg

Dimensions: 1300*850*1300mm