SYBDD Expanding bag liquid packer
SYBDD Expanding bag liquid packer

SYBDD Expanding bag liquid packer

Product Description

The stick bag is a popular international packaging shape. It is also called pre-shaped bags, expansion bags. It is a novel form of packaging, diverse modeling, reliable measurement, seal firm, easy to use, and low cost packaging materials, etc.

1. It adopts 304 stainless steel, Chinese and English man-machine interface, and PLC system control.

2. Visualization operations, configure the touch screen.

3. Reliable metering, solid sealing, and easy to operate.

4. It adopts pressurized filling in airless. And it can avoid secondary pollution.

5. It is upgraded SYBD. It has 4 independent workstations, 1 workstation 2 nozzles. It is automatic entire process by PLC control system, such as filling and sealing, dropping bags, etc.  It does not have to manually point each workstation to start each action.

6. One worker one machine. The max packing rate is 3500 bags/hr.

7. You can freely select time control mode or manual control mode.




Bag material

BOPP laminated LDPE, various shapes pre-shaped bags

 Film thickness


Filling nozzles




Filling volume

50-500ml (Custom)

Filling accuracy


Packing rate

3500 bags/hr

Power input

220V 50Hz or 220V 60Hz or 110V 60Hz


0.8-1.6 Kw

Air Pressure

0.5-0.8 Mpa

Air Consumption

0.25-0.50 m3/min

Net weight

≈150 kg

Overall dimension